Emma – Port Stories and Me

Emma Chandler

As my contribution towards the Port Stories project, I researched a relatively unknown charitable educational institution, called the Lancaster Girls’ Charity School. It was formed in 1772 to educate the poor girls in Lancaster to read, write, knit, spin and sew. What they made was sold, a quarter of the money made going to them at Christmas (Baines p 21), making it a very modern school for its time.

My piece is a creative take on what a girl’s life might be like at the Lancaster Girls’ Charity School, as, unlike other schools at that time, records can’t be found of individual girls at the school.

It is however, completely based on real information found in books of the period (Time-Honoured Lancaster, Fleury, 1891; Guide to Lancaster, Anonymous, 1843; Baines’s Lancashire Volume 2, Edward Baines, 1824; History and Antiquities of Lancaster, Robert Simpson, 1852) and at the Lancashire Archives ( Reference Number: DDX 70/ACC881/box 4)