Juliette – Port Stories and Me

My project for Port Stories was based on a record of ships registered at Lancaster port that I discovered at Lancashire Archives. I was fascinated by the stories behind some of the ships, most of all where they got their names. I planned to record the information in the book in an infographic so that it was more accessible, as well as finding out what the most popular names were and why.

When I started trying to interpret the records however, I discovered a much bigger task than I expected.

The book contained not only years’ worth of names and dates, but details of the build, captain and often interesting stories about how the ship had come into the owner’s possession and what had happened to her.

This amount of information was far too much to document in the time that I had, especially as the writing of some of the record keepers was a bit difficult to decipher at times! Unfortunately, exams got in the way and I was unable to complete the project, but I hope I can do more with the information later. I have very much enjoyed being part of the Port Stories project and have learnt many valuable and interesting things about Lancaster’s history.